Sometimes it seems insurmountable.

the fears. the struggles. the unknown.

It just feels like too much to take.
And the weight of it all will surely

causing the undesirable frac

And The Moment.

where it all comes out from under the sure-footed feet
who so-surely chose their position. or was it their fate?

nothing will ever be the same.

In These Moments…
are you consumed by the masses or do you float above the bullshit?
Both bring you that angelic moment of weightlessness, though none of us want it to last.

we want to return to the surface,
start anew. paint on the blank canvas that has been laid before us.

But we know that with the burial of pain comes the burial of love.

and so-again-we find ourselves consumed,
by tears and fears.

Sometimes it seems insurmountable.



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